Nutrafarms Reviews From Consumers


Nutrafarms is different from the average factory farm, and those differences can be tasted. The company values transparent food production and aims to educate consumers about the importance of knowing where your food is coming from.

Several farming methods set Nutrafarms apart from major factory farms. For example, farmers only need a small amount of cattle each week before they’re sent to the butcher farm, while at most other farms, they have to have a handful prepared. Small, local farms send when they’re ready, as opposed to being sent when there are enough. Nutrafarms reviews.

Nutrafarms works with farmers that have a simple goal: to raise animals the right way. Because of their techniques and steadfast principles, they are able to provide consumers with local and antibiotic-free beef, poultry, and pork that is delicious and healthy.

Quality of life for animals is of the utmost importance. Large facilities operate similar to an assembly line, while small farms like Nutrafarms makes sure each piece of meat is thoroughly inspected and given careful consideration. The average processing plant leaves chicken in water from anywhere between six to eight hours, which can wash away nutrients and flavors. The Nutrafarms processing plant uses an air-chilled method, where the product may sit in water for merely a half hour, and its temperature is brought down to 40 degrees by cold air. The meat is safe, and goes through several stringent guidelines before it reaches the table.

“Why people should buy Nutrafarms is really simple,” says chef Darryl Fletcher, Nutrafarms’ executive chef. “When you’re a chef, you’re searching for the finest ingredients that you can serve your customers. Finally, I found a beef that is grass-raised, a chicken that is free range, and pork that isn’t fed scraps. And each one of these tastes amazing. It’s so good to know that there are companies out there that care about what you’re putting inside, that you can give to your families.”

The animals have a diet of hay and naturally grown, pesticide free grass. They also have wheat, barley, and corn grown on the farm specifically for animal feed. There are no steroids, hormones, or chemicals. Everything is local: from the hatcheries to the farms to the processing plant to the cutting house, and many of the Nutrafarm farmers have been working their farms as family operations for generations.

Nutrafarms is so confident in its product that consumers can order a free sample of meat to be delivered directly to their home, and taste the difference for themselves.